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VSL Releases Synchron Smart Orchestra Library



Vienna Symphonic Library’s latest lays out the entire sampled orchestra on your keyboard


It certainly makes a lot of sense: having the whole orchestra (or entire sections) on the keyboard so you can work quickly. If the result isn’t refined enough, you bring out the individual instruments from other libraries later.

This seems like a happy ground between using sampled orchestral phrases and having to record one instrument at a time. Actually, it’s much closer to the latter!

Here’s VSL’s release:

The Vienna Symphonic Library is pleased to announce the release of Synchron Smart Orchestra, a powerful and versatile software instrument that places the entire orchestra on the keyboard, ready to play and to be used in many different ways. All instruments and ensembles were performed by members of the acclaimed Synchron Stage Orchestra and recorded on the large Stage A of Synchron Stage Vienna. The new library is currently available at an introductory price of $184 (reg. $257). Crossgrade paths from various large Synchron Series libraries as well as from the previously released Vienna Smart Orchestra are available.

Hands-on Synchron Stage Orchestra

The Synchron Smart Orchestra lets users play the entire orchestra or sections, including percussion and choir, all at once, with a large symphonic sound right out of the box. It’s great for playing live, for quickly creating powerful orchestrations, for sketching ideas, and for getting new ideas in the first place. What’s more, users can play the orchestra with the left hand and one of nine solo or lead voices with the right hand at the same time – perfect for those beautiful melodies soaring above the orchestra.

The main sections of the orchestra, taken from Vienna’s large collections such as Synchron Duality Strings, Synchron Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion and even choir – can be played separately or all together at once, with access to the automatable mixer to adjust the levels of each ensemble. Solo and lead instruments include violin ensemble, cello ensemble, flute, oboe, clarinet, trumpet, horn, harp, and celesta.

The performances of these solo instruments are all-new recordings specifically created for this product (except for horn, harp, and celesta). A novel way of recording and mapping legatos makes for especially authentic note connections, as previously evidenced in the lyrical legato of the solo horn included in the Synchron Brass Collection, which is also part of the Synchron Smart Orchestra.

To refine arrangements, several instances of the plug-in can be placed on separate tracks of the DAW, each loaded with either the full orchestrra, an orchestra section or a lead instrument with their full range, which makes the Synchron Smart Orchestra an extremely simple to use and a resource-saving orchestral library that delivers impressive results in an instant.

While the previously released Vienna Smart Orchestra includes VI Series instruments recorded at the Silent Stage and placed on the virtual Stage A using the Synchron Player’s internal convolution reverb, the performances of the Synchron Smart Orchestra were recorded with the ambience of the large hall of Synchron Stage Vienna, where the finest musicians lend their talent and artistry to film and TV score recordings on a daily basis.

Current price: $184 (reg. $257). Crossgrade paths from various large Synchron Series libraries as well as from the previously released Vienna Smart Orchestra are available.

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