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REmatrix Dusty Racks Free



It’s a free reverb, what’s not to like?


It’s free until September 21, 2023, but that leaves still leaves you time. Here’s the release (and the fact that it’s promotional doesn’t affect the ambience at all):

A huge number of reverb processors were created in the ‘80s and ‘90s; most are now practically unknown, though they lack nothing in character and performance. Their rarity and distinctive sounds make them valuable tools for achieving unique sounds today.

Overloud’s Dusty Racks IR Library series offers meticulous captures of these processors in three collections designed for REmatrix. With the new Dusty Racks FREE you can own a selection of these IRs for FREE.

15 IRs and 15 Presets

Includes free REmatrix player plug-in

Optimized for REmatrix Full for enhanced tweaking and editing

FREE! Only through September 21, 2023!

Here’s the link

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