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Erica Synths x Richie Hawtin Bullfrog is In Transit



It’s a new additive synth from Latvia, intended for beginners and synth veterans alike

Erica Synths used to be The Finest Little Synth Company You Never Heard Of, but maybe you have by now? This is their latest, a collaboration with Mike Myers of Saturday Night Live “Sprockets” fame.

Actually we meant to write Richie Hawtin, pictured below. Sorry, our mistake.

Here’s the company release, fresh from the Baltic Sea:

Riga, Latvia, August 29, 2023 — Erica Synths announces that its new Bullfrog electronic instrument, created in collaboration with Richie Hawtin, is now available. Designed to captivate and inspire both youth and professionals alike, Bullfrog inspires musicality, while combining the thrill of electronic music production within a comprehensive learning experience. 

Bullfrog is a classical subtractive synthesizer and consists of several “modules” for sound generation (VCO, noise generator) and treatment (VCF, VCA/delay), as well as “modules” that generate control and modulation signals to control them (envelope generators and sample & hold). Bullfrog will not make sound on its own unless it is patched using Eurorack patch cables to interconnect the “modules”, or by inserting voice cards that create internal connections between the “modules” in a specific way. These also add extra functionality such as samping/looping, sequencing, groovebox, etc. This approach helps to impart a deeper understanding of how a subtractive synthesizer works, and the principles of sound design with instruments like these. 

In order to provide a well rounded understanding of the functionality of this synthesizer and sound synthesis in general, a comprehensive user manual has been created to accompany the learning process

“Bullfrog is a synthesizer dreamed up by Erica Synths and I [“Me!” SynthAndSoftware editor NB shrieks in pain]  to inspire and welcome a younger audience into the world of electronic music,” says Richie Hawtin. “Although first considered for someone’s first steps into synthesis the final robust design will also fit comfortably into anyone’s studio and/or performance setup. I can’t wait to see where the Bullfrog leads a curious new generation.”

Bullfrog is priced at €500.00 and available now from Erica Synths and through electronic music retailers around the world.

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