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New Ice Crystals Sound Pack



Applied Acoustics Systems releases the Ice Crystals sound pack for the Chromaphone 3 and AAS Player plug-ins in collaboration with sound designer Richard Veenstra.

With Ice Crystals, his first sound pack with AAS, Dutch sound designer Richard Veenstra unleashes an immersive collection of expressive abstract sounds perfectly tailored for those seeking to add intricate sound layers that captivate the senses. Ice Crystals transports you through a sonic labyrinth, where icy bells resonate with crystalline clarity, digital detuned pads weave a tapestry of ethereal melodies, and bright deep basses provide a foundation that reverberates with intensity. Ignite your creative spark with the pack’s complex rhythms that elevates your compositions to new heights. Whether you’re a connoisseur of intelligent dance music, a crispy techno enthusiast, or a creator of deep and dark cinematic soundscapes, Ice Crystals will infuse your music with unparalleled richness and depth. Take your music to a new dimension, where artistry meets innovation and boundless possibilities await.

To mark the release of Ice Crystals, everything Chromaphone 3 is 50% off until August 28, 2023 and includes this new pack. The introductory prices are as follows:

  • The Ice Crystals sound pack US $19.
  • The Chromaphone 3 plug-in + ICE CRYSTALS bundle US $99.
  • The Chromaphone 3 +PACKS bundle US $199.
  • The Chromaphone 3 Upgrade for Chromaphone 2 users + ICE CRYSTALS bundle US$39.
  • All Chromaphone 3 sound packs US $19 each.

Chromaphone 3 +PACKS bundles the Chromaphone 3 plug-in, the new Ice Crystals sound pack, and 17 expansion sound packs.

This release also coincides with the AAS Summer sale during which we are offering up to 50% discount on all orders from the AAS web store. Visit the AAS Summer Sales promotion page to get all the details.

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