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Waves Plug-ins Now Compatible with OBS Studio



OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is really great. It lets you capture and/or broadcast your computer screen, along with audio from multiple sources – built-in audio, your audio interfaces, etc.

And it’s free. Now you can use Waves plug-ins directly within it. To be clear, the news is that they’ve made this easy to do. You could always do that by jumping through hoops using audio loopback (which means routing the audio output of one program, for example a DAW, into another one running on the same machine).

Here’s Waves’ explanation, cut and paste:

 Waves Audio, the world’s leading developer of professional audio signal processing technologies and plugins, announces that Waves plugins now run in OBS Studio, the leading software for live streaming and video recording for Twitch, YouTube and more, enhancing audio quality in OBS Video Streams. 

Running Waves plugins in OBS Studio is simple and fuss-free. Just install the free Waves StudioRack plugin chainer from Waves Central, insert StudioRack on any audio source from the filters menu in OBS Studio, and continue loading your favorite Waves plugins inside StudioRack.   

With Waves’ StudioRack now compatible with OBS Studio, users can take advantage of StudioRack’s advanced audio processing capabilities to dramatically elevate the sound quality of their recorded videos, podcasts, and live-streamed content on OBS, providing their audience with an immersive and engaging listening experience: 

Clean unwanted background noise with AI-powered noise reduction

Get your voice sounding rich, smooth, and present

Improve the sound of zoom calls and phone microphones dramatically

Ensure your output levels are up to professional standards

Change voice pitch, add effects, and vocoders

Add zero latency real time pitch correction for vocals in musical performances in live streams 

Waves Audio also now provides AI-optimized StudioRack plugin chains designed to elevate the quality of streaming: Enhance audio quality, reduce noise, and ensure optimal levels for live streaming and more with Waves’ StudioVerse custom “OBS” tagged chains.  

To learn more about OBS Studio, click here


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