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Spitfire Re-Releases the Three Albion Sample Libraries



These were among the first full-section “speedwriting” libraries

The original Spitfire Albion libraries came out in 2011. By that time the streaming sampler revolution started by Nemesis GigaSampler had been going for a good decade and there were already dozens of libraries with instruments sampled in incredible deal.

So how could a sample developer respond? By going in the opposite direction with sampled ensembles for ready-to-wear completed sound. That’s Spitfire Albion, and they’ve brought them back.

Here’s the company release:

To celebrate the 12th anniversary of our maiden Albion library, we’ve decided to re-release the original three Albion libraries:

Albion Legacy — The Original

Albion Loegria — The Beautiful 

Albion Iceni — The Apocalyptic

I haven’t drafted a press release, so please reach out for more information should you require, otherwise you can read some more info below:

Albion Legacy — The Original

Out of the box composer tools created for film scoring — a collection of orchestral ensembles featuring strings, brass, woodwind and percussion as well as loops, synths and atmospheres, all captured at AIR Studios, Lyndhurst Hall. This classic Spitfire library is full of character, providing users a cinematic orchestral palette for composers to sketch large, epic‑sounding, Hollywood‑style film scores.

Captured in 2011, this sample library was Spitfire’s maiden Albion product, which kick started the whole range of Albions, a selection of all-in-one products of cinematic inspiration. 

Albion Loegria — Beautiful Chamber-Sized Composer Tools

A classic in the Spitfire catalogue, an all-in-one composer tool designed to inspire and create beautiful, detailed music. This volume encompasses an expertly sampled chamber-sized orchestra, featuring strings, woods, brass and cinematic drums, alongside eclectic loops and an inspiring organic synth. The perfect starting point for independent films, period dramas, or more cerebral and intimate music. 

Recorded at the legendary AIR Studios, Lyndhurst Hall, Albion Loegria is a one-stop-shop for media composers, students wanting to break into media music, or the building blocks for a fine orchestral setup.

Albion Iceni — Apocalyptic Low-End Orchestra

Albion Iceni stands out as a revolutionary assortment of awe-inspiring sounds, meticulously curated into a cutting-edge collection. This extraordinary package boasts epic low-end brass and electrifying woodwinds, harmonised with a string ensemble comprising an extensive range of cellos and basses, delivering both graceful legatos and commanding staccatos. This all-in-one composing tool also delivers an extraordinary collection of the thickest and deepest synth sounds available, and loops which encompass an enchanting array of organic, pulsating, and percussive sounds, providing the perfect finishing touch to your score.

Albion Iceni caters to the creative vision of composers and music producers who seek to craft immense and foreboding low-frequency sounds, evoking the atmosphere of dystopian futures or the chaos of a raging battlefield. This exceptional collection is perfect for creating cinematic scores, game soundtracks, and epic compositions in the realms of rock, pop, and electronic music. Unleash the power of Albion Iceni to bring your artistic visions to life, commanding attention and leaving a lasting impact on your audience.

Prices: $249 each

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