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New Super 6 Keyboard And Super 6 Desktop Synths



UDO unveils Super 6 keyboard alongside special-edition blue Super 6 desktop synth.

UDO’s Super 6 keyboard instrument made a splash upon its introduction to the masses assembled at SUPERBOOTH19 in Berlin, Germany, subsequently making its musical mark worldwide when originally released in both black and blue colors as a 12 VOICE POLYPHONIC BINAURAL ANALOG-HYBRID SYNTHESIZER WITH SUPER-WAVE TECHNOLOGY that really represented a new take on the traditional analog synthesizer.

State-of-the-art FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) digital hardware oscillators are coupled with analog filters and amplifiers, while its unique super-wavetable core can be shaped and manipulated with the binaural analog signal path and flexible modulation also on offer. SUPER 6 features a true stereo path in which its 12 voices are twinned to form six ‘Super’ voices — hence the appropriate appellation applied to the instrument itself. Its L (left) and R (right) OUTPUT channels — and each ear, effectively — are assigned a complete synthesizer voice. So, starting with the stereo OSCILLATORS, parameters of both channels of such voices can be controlled independently, in turn allowing users to create stunning stereo images.

The white Super 6 keyboard is available to order through UDO’s global network priced at £2,495.00 GBP (including VAT)/€2,699.00 EUR (including VAT)/$2,700.00 USD, while a limited number of special-edition blue Super 6 desktop models that match their blue keyboard counterparts are priced at £1,895.00 GBP (including VAT)/€2,079.00 EUR (including VAT)/$2,160.00 USD.

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