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Cinesamples Musio Bundles Everything They Make



It’s over 1000 sampled instruments and growing

Cinesamples has been this (sample library development) for quite a while, and they’re packaging their entire repertoire into one product called Musio. You can license it forever or by subscription, and there’s also a free 2-week trial.

Here’s their release:

Music producers, composers and songwriters now have access to a vast, proven, ever-expanding sound library at a low, breakthrough price. Musio is a virtual instrument that includes sounds curated from Cinesamples, makers of acclaimed sample libraries for cinema. 

Inspiration hits fast and music gets done when you find that perfect sound without long searches, download times, or worrying about library “hosts” or plugin versions. Explore over one thousand instruments, including cinematic string libraries; meticulously recorded brass, woodwind and percussion; vintage synth sounds like the OB-XA, plus 808 and 909 drum machines, and more. Write and produce your music with industry-proven sounds heard in some of Hollywood’s biggest hits, all in a zero-learning-curve format.

Musio comes ready-to-play with easy performance controls for greater expression and reverb controls to help craft a mix with width and depth.

By the end of August 2023, Musio will include ALL Cinesamples instruments and a litany of Musio exclusive libraries. Musio users will also get new instrument plugin features offering more control of effects, room mic levels, instrument parameters, and articulation keyswitching. Check out the current Musio library on the Live Catalog page and the Coming Soon page to see the ever-expanding instrument library and plugin features. 

From pristine orchestral libraries to classic synth and drum machine sounds – Musio is built to spark your creative fire and keep it lit. Watch our Musio Overview video!

Musio Delivers

  • A virtual instrument featuring proven sound libraries used in countless movie, video, and game scores.
  • Over one thousand Cinesamples instruments with more to come!
  • An easy-to-use, multigenre plugin with essential controls for Articulation and Dynamics in a sleek UI.
  • Fast, uninterrupted workflow to easily search, load, and play instruments without waiting for downloads.
  • Rich, authentic performances by world-class musicians like master cellist Tina Guo, symphonic metal band Apocalyptica, renowned composer Randy Kerber, and more.
  • A ready-to-use sample library with built-in ambiences captured in flawless acoustic environments including the MGM Scoring Stage, Alfred Newman Scoring Stage, The Village in Los Angeles, Columbia Records Studios, plus cathedrals, stages, and studios around the world.
  • Instrument Racks to make it easy to reuse favorite instruments and combinations/layers  across projects.
  • Easy collaboration without worrying about plugin versions or missing samples. Simply send a DAW project to a collaborator—even if they’re on another OS—and all your instruments load right away.

Musio is available now at the Musio website with plans to match everyone’s needs:

  • Lifetime: Usually $999, now just $499 until May 24th
    Ongoing access to new libraries and plugin upgrades without worrying about subscription renewals. 
  • Annual: Only $99/yr. 
  • Monthly: Just $9.99/mo.
  • Free 14-Day Trial: Available without credit card
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