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Audio Modeling Announces Updates for SWAM and Camelot



ILIO and audio plug-in developer Audio Modeling announce the latest updates for SWAM and Camelot, bringing new features and improvements.

SWAM, which delivers realistic and expressive virtual acoustic instruments, has been updated to version 3.7.0.

SWAM v3.7.0 Updates:

– Added search bar for preset lists, making it easier to find and select presets.
– Added latency compensation, ensuring accurate timing in performances.
– Rearranged MIDI preset list for improved workflow.
– Microtuning control by keyswitches, allowing for more expressive performances with customized tunings.
– Apple Silicon support for AAX plugins, providing native compatibility with Apple’s latest hardware in combination with the latest version of Pro Tools.
– VST3 on Windows now organized as a bundle, in compliance with the latest VST SDK guidelines.
– Note out-of-range warning to prevent unintended playing of out-of-range notes.
– Improved Bow Noise, Attack Noise for mid and low dynamics, and Note Off Release for Solo Strings, enhancing the authenticity and expressiveness of the instruments.
– Accessibility improvements for visually impaired and blind users, making SWAM products more inclusive.

Camelot, the live performance and studio software for managing virtual instruments and effects, has been updated to version 2.2.4.

Camelot v2.2.4 Updates:

– Added Yamaha CK Smart Map, expanding the compatibility with Yamaha keyboards.
– Show blacklisted plugins feature for better plugin management.
– Show progress bar when importing songs and setlists
– Bug fixes

Browse Audio Modeling’s SWAM instruments and Camelot here:

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