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Waldorf Announces M Synth 16-voice Special Edition



You can also upgrade 8-voice synths

Not only is there going to be a new Fawlty Towers series, Waldorf Music has… well, you clicked on the title so you know.

(Reference: the classic episode of Fawlty Towers – as they all are! – with the rude American ordering a Waldorf salad.)

Here’s the announcement from Waldorf Music:

REMAGEN, GERMANY: Waldorf Music has responded to the many requests of the community and finally made it true: Waldorf M in a special edition with 16 voices. 

M’s musical heart is now an 16-voice polyphonic, four-part multitimbral WAVETABLE SYNTHESIZER — as boldly blazoned in red across its full-metal blue- coloured casing, itself hinting at its illustrious Microwave heritage — are two wavetable oscillators with independent wavetable-generating Classic Microwave 1 and Modern Microwave II/XT modes, meaning that the wavetable oscillators behave differently in both of those modes (accessible by pressing the Mode button beside the helpful high-resolution graphic display with four endless encoders for yet more hands-on control).

For customers who already own an 8-voice M, Waldorf Music offers the possibility to buy 8 additional voices. The M Voice Expansion V0.6 costs SRP 699,00 € (incl. German VAT)

Price: 2.308,00 € (incl. German VAT)

Waldorf M 16 Voice:

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