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EastWest Releases Hollywood Fantasy Orchestra



EastWest presents Hollywood Fantasy Orchestra, a brand-new orchestra that includes everything you need to create fantasy music, film, television, and game soundtracks. 

Produced by Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix, Hollywood Fantasy Orchestra includes unique ensembles of world instruments that have been featured in blockbuster movies and games, mixed with modern octave-doubled orchestral sections that perfectly compliment Hollywood Orchestra. Many of the instruments have been recorded in trios, creating a powerful and beautiful sparkling stereo image that cuts through any mix, all captured with full stereo imaging mic placement, surround sound options, and all the features of EastWest’s revolutionary Opus software. 

Hollywood Fantasy Orchestra bridges the gap between orchestral and world instruments – perfect for the next big fantasy epic or medieval tale. It is an entirely new orchestra that puts all the period instruments you need on the same stage.

Hollywood Fantasy Strings is the first iteration of Hollywood Fantasy Orchestra, putting 5 of the most iconic instruments from the Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque eras at your fingertips: Hurdy Gurdies, Mountain Dulcimers, Viola Da Gambas, Lutes and Hardanger Fiddles, all alongside brand-new stylized recordings from modern-day orchestral musicians. 

Hollywood Fantasy Strings includes true legato, diverse articulations, and everything you need to produce the perfect fantasy cue to the highest professional standards. EastWest infused it with the same power and flexibility as Hollywood Strings, with the same microphone placements, in the exact same studio, tailor-made to mix perfectly, so you can rest assured that your string libraries are all up to the task. 

Hollywood Fantasy Orchestra will be available for free to all ComposerCloud subscribers, and also available to be purchased without a subscription for an introductory price of $399.

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