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Delta Sound Labs Announces Fold 1.2 Update, Now with Tape Delay



ILIO and audio plug-in developer Delta Sound Labs are announcing an update to Fold, their Distortion Synthesis plug-in.

With a new free update, Fold 1.2 now includes a brand-new Tape Delay with Feedback, Tape Warble, and LFO control. By using delay and other modules in its in-series FX chain, Fold imbues tracks with depth, harmonically rich overtones and, if pushed to the extremes, completely transforms your sound with a unique form of multi-layered distortion.

New in Fold 1.2

– Universal build for Intel and silicon-based machines, macOS 12

– Windows 11 build

– New Tape Delay module with Feedback, Tape Warble (automation lane only), and LFO for modulating delay time in milliseconds

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