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Coming April 12: Orchestral Tools Pēteris Vasks Strings Sample Library



It’s a chamber strings library, produced with Latvian composer Vasks and featuring lots of different articulations

Why are developers constantly releasing new string libraries? Because they’re typically composers who want something they don’t hear in any existing ones. In this case Orchestral Tools went for sounds that work in both melodic and “experimental” contexts.

Here’s the company release:

BERLIN, GERMANY, March 29, 2023—Orchestral Tools announces Pēteris Vasks Strings, a contemporary chamber string ensemble sample library created in partnership with composer Pēteris Vasks. Captured with a rich, characterful sound and featuring a wealth of unique articulations inspired by the award-winning Latvian composer, Pēteris Vasks Strings is a breathtaking string collection equally suited to melodic and experimental composition. To pre-order Pēteris Vasks Strings for an intro price of 399 EUR, please click here

New voices for chamber string ensembles
Pēteris Vasks redefined the sound and feel of string ensembles in contemporary classical music with his first symphony, ‘Voices’ back in 1991. His influential blend of melodic beauty and experimental dissonance has given his work an instantly recognizable signature within contemporary classical music. Long inspired by the sound and spirit of his work, Orchestral Tools set out to capture all of this with Pēteris Vasks Strings.

Pēteris Vasks Strings is a completely new take on the sound of a chamber string ensemble. The instruments were recorded in St. John’s Church in Riga, one of Vasks’ favorite venues, with his preferred first call performers, the acclaimed Sinfonietta Riga, conducted by his close personal friend Normunds Sne. The result is a unique approach to chamber strings that uses Vasks’ sonic signature as a starting point for an inspiring set of sounds and articulations that have never been captured in a sample library before. 

The basis of Pēteris Vasks Strings is a selection of sections and first chair soloists—violin, viola, celli, and basses—captured with the care and attention to detail that has defined Orchestral Tools. The instruments were recorded in evolving dynamic layers to give them a superior level of playable expressivity. The collection includes a wide variety of ‘bread and butter’ articulations familiar to any composer, in addition to a featured set of playing styles called ‘Gestures’ that capture some of the nuances of Vasks’ style. These include expressive glissando techniques, dramatic trills, aleatoric runs, and unusual interval flourishes perfect for adding colorful accents or transitions to any piece.

“I won’t hesitate to say that these are the most beautiful strings we’ve ever created—they have an immediately arresting character that speaks to Vasks’ mastery of blending beauty and dissonance in a modern orchestral context,” said Orchestral Tools CEO Hendrik Schwarzer. “We’ve been absolutely honored to work with him directly on creating this library, and I believe that any composer who wants to fall in love with the sound of strings all over again should experience Pēteris Vasks Strings for themselves.” 

Pēteris Vasks Strings is available for pre-order now for 399 EUR until April 12, 2023. Regular price for the collection is 549 EUR. Planned date for general release is April 12. For more information, please click here

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