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Knobula Chord Pilot is Ready to Eurorack



It generates chords and progressions, then strums, arpeggiates, and sequences them

But there’s more to it than that. We’ll let Knobula explain:

Chord Pilot combines a proprietary chord generation algorithm with a set of tactile, performance-based controls that inspire new, unchartered sonic journeys. Whether being used for generative ambient music, catchy techno / house riffs or anything in between, Chord Pilot encourages discovery and experimentation without having to conform to traditional musical scales or contemporary music theory. 

With a feature set that belies its 12HP size, Chord Pilot contains functions not found in many standalone synthesizers, let alone Eurorack modules. This includes the ability to recall 192 chord memories, a built-in strummer, an arpeggiator, and an 8-step chord progression sequencer and more — all set inside an easy to navigate, tactile interface. To generate a chord, Chord Pilot uses a series of controls that alter the width and spread of ‘fingers’ over a grid, before conforming them through a variety of possible musical scales to suit almost any mood or desired musical performance.

Chord Pilot’s faceplate features 8 easily accessible backlit preset buttons, with an intuitive Audition/Save button in the middle. Switches to control Gate, Preset Buttons and Bank give users immediate access to performance parameters, button functionality and banks of chord presets for easy recall. Modal, Circle and Bias knobs shift the chord shapes, transposition parameters and how note intervals are spread across the chord. Its generous I/O features full CV control over bias, buttons and gate, as well as remote control of Chord Pilot’s parameters, among other features. Each module comes with a sheet of 18 miniature illuminated button stickers allowing users to personalize the 8 buttons according to their own use.  

Prices: £320, $399, €399

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Whether being used alongside the highly capable Poly Cinematic module or any standalone poly synth with a MIDI input, Chord Pilot — priced at (£320, $399, €399) — is the perfect companion to take your sonic journeys to the next level. ​ For more information or to purchase, please visit the Knobula webpage at:

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