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Gforce Oberheim OB-E and SEM Softsynths Updated



OB-E v2.5 / SEM v1.5 free update with new Preset Browser

Nick Batzdorf declared Gforce’s SEM an Officially Certified Go-to Instrument for Gorgeous Analog Sounds in his review a few months ago. The OB-E is eight of them in a software box, however the SEM is much more than 15% of an OB-E. Similarly, since each module in an OB-E can produce a different sound for each voice, it’s more than eight SEMs.

If that’s confusing – if?! – please check out GForce’s pages on the SEM and OB-E.

Here’s most of their release about the latest updates:

London, 21.02.23 – GForce Software are pleased to release Oberheim OB-E v2.5 / SEM v1.5 to mark the first anniversary of their collaboration with Oberheim. The update is free and available immediately to registered Oberheim OB-E / SEM customers.

The Oberheim OB-E is their take on the legendary Oberheim® 8-Voice and, uniquely, the first software instrument to receive Tom Oberheim’s personal endorsement. As they neared the release of OB-E®, they were contacted by Tom Oberheim and Marcus Ryle (an Oberheim engineer in the 1980s) who were impressed enough to suggest a collaboration offering support to refine OB-E and to release the v2 update carrying their full endorsement

With v2.5, OB-E has been augmented with their brand new preset browser as recently introduced in their Oddity3 late last year. The new preset browser gives you the power to organise your sounds the way you want. With extensive tagging, sorting and search possibilities, it’s now quick and easy to find the presets you want. All factory presets have been re-tagged by categories, type and timbers. Additionally, new in OB-E v2.5 is an exponential filter tracking mode.  

Oberheim SEM v1.5 also welcomes the new preset browser. All factory presets have also been re-tagged by categories, type and timbers.

Prices: SEM £49.99 + VAT, OB-E £149.99 + VAT (both currently on sale for less than that, and USD prices vary from dealer to dealer)

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