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Waldorf Announces Quantum MK2 Upgraded Synth



61-key polyphonic aftertouch tops the list of new features on their flagship instrument

And here’s the company release:

When we introduced the Quantum in 2018 it immediately found its way in the studios and hearts of the most acclaimed film composers, producers, musicians and sound designers. Now five years later we release an upgrade of our flagship Quantum synthesizer called „Quantum MK2″.

Quantum MK2 was upgraded with a 61 keys polyphonic aftertouch keybed from Fatar, increased sampling storage to 59 GB, improved mechanical design and display. The new 3.0 firmwareallows for up to 16 digital or any combination using the 8 analog filter with additional 8 digital.

The Quantum MK2 is the first intrument which presents a 61 keys Fatar TP8/SKpolyphonic aftertouch keybed to the world. With its increased possibilities for musicial and gestural expression the keybed allows to utilize the enormous modulation capabilities of the Quantum synthesis engine. It is a next level of expression based on a traditional keybed, which keeps all your playing capabilities, and then extends it with an additional dimension of control and creativity.

Another cornerstone of Quantum MK2 is its increased internal sampling storage from a few GB to 59 GB. The Quantum has become quickly the instrument of choice for modern advanced sampling capabilities for sound enthusiasts and cinematic composers from Berlin to Los Angeles. From firmware 1.0 to 3.0 we have listened to your requests and needs to extend it polyphonic granular sampling engine as well its traditional multi-sample engine.

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