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Polyverse Launches Supermodal 1.0.0, a Powerful New Modal Filter Plug-In



Supermodal Version 1.0.0 features improvements and enhancements to the cutting-edge filtering tool as well as additional presets.

Polyverse has launched version 1.0.0 of its powerful new modal filter, Supermodal. Supermodal uses hundreds of narrow filter bands working in concert to emulate the resonating qualities of acoustic bodies, both real and imagined, resulting in never-before-possible sonic transformations. With its modal filter working in parallel with a classic zero-feedback state variable filter, Supermodal allows users to shape their audio into a host of attention-grabbing sounds that are at once exciting, unfamiliar, and eminently musical.

A discounted public beta release of the plug-in first became available in October, and all beta owners will be granted a free upgrade to version 1.0.0. For new users, Supermodal is available directly from the Polyverse website or affiliate retailers for $99. 

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