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Chris Hein Releases Octa Virtual Instrument



100 instruments you’ve never heard before

I say, do you fancy a sampled instrument made out of plastic tubes from the hardware store? Chris Hein’s latest has 100 different instruments in that vein.

There is absolutely nothing un-funky at all about this video demo. Here’s Chris’ release:

CH-OCTA is the first instrument of the new MEGA STRUCTURE series.
OCTA is a musical workhorse that offers truly versatile solo or 8 channel musical instruments, effortless to be inspired by. MEGA STRUCTURE is the technical concept behind the instruments chameleon nature whereby it can be a solo instrument or an 8 instrument ensemble prism of sonic delight!

– 100 high quality solo instruments
– 8 core multi channel instruments
– 8 channel sequencer

 However as detailed as its programability is the real jewel of this instrument lies in the uncanny way it encourages you to improvise wether composing underscore or main theme- after all music composition is all about improvisation!

Price: $299, discounts available for owners of another CH library

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