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VSL Synchron Fazioli F308 Sample Library



It’s a BIG piano and a BIG sample library (400GB)

We’ll let VSL announce their latest sample library shortly, but first some history.

VSL (Vienna Symphonic Library) first appeared on the scene about 20 years ago. It was hard to fathom that a company could actually sample an orchestra.

That is, sample all the individual instruments in an orchestra in great detail.

But they did, in fact they weren’t the only developers to be working on an orchestra. What made this possible was GigaSampler, which streamed samples from disk rather than loading everything into the very limited RAM available in samplers and computers back then.

VSL’s big innovation – one of them, anyway – was legato transitions between notes: hold one note while playing the next and you get a sample of the transition; play them separately and you get the regular attacks.

The thinking at the time was that reverb tails from a hall would interfere with the legato samples, so VSL built what they called the Silent Stage recording studio. It had very short reverb time – “RT60” – combined with the early reflections of a stage. You added your own reverb tails later.

Since then it’s been proven repeatedly that you don’t need dry samples for good legato transitions. VSL built a really good-sounding studio called Synchron… and that’s where they sampled their Fazioli F308 grand piano.

(Of course, pianos don’t use recorded legato transitions. But the history is still relevant because of the studio.)

Take it way, VSL:

The Warm, Colorful Tone of Fazioli’s Landmark Concert Grand, Captured with Breathtaking Authenticity

Fazioli pianos are built with a heartfelt passion for music and musicians, with extraordinary craftsmanship, and technological advancement.

This Fazioli F308 Concert Grand found a perfect home in the 5800 sq ft Synchron “Stage A” that allows its sound to unfold effortlessly, elevated by the room’s exceptional acoustics.

In their new library, VSL has captured the rich resonances of their extraordinary F308 and delivered it to you via the Synchron Piano Player, perfectly pre-configured with Mixer Presets such as Concert, Intimate, Player, Pop, Ambience, and more.

Prices: Full 400GB version with all the mic positions, $423; Standard 174GB version with fewer mic positions, $233

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