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Realitone Nightfall Hybrid Strings is Here



Processed Sunset Strings recordings create a totally different, eminently playable instrument

Remember Sunset Strings, which we reviewed way back in 2021? Realitone described it – accurately – as “evolving textures.” It does have essential bread and butter string ensembles, but it’s complementary to a standard string library because of its… well, string textures.

Aside from the less common playing techniques – textures – in the library, its main concept is that you crossfade between two different sounds with the modwheel (or another CC), for example tremolo and harmonics. The result is that – to quote myself (NB) – you’d have to work hard to make a static, boring part.

Nightfall uses the same recordings, but in the sense that you’d use the same waveforms in a synth. It takes the dual-layer crossfade concept much farther out there and adds quite a few additional features.

As you’ll see and hear in the video walkthrough at the top of this page, it’s a unique and very interesting instrument. -NB

Here’s most of their release:

Nightfall is now released and on Kontakt Player!  And not a moment too soon, because demand has been insane.  Believe it or not, we actually sold more pre-release copies of Nightfall than we did for Sunset Strings, which is crazy, because Sunset Strings was huge for us, even in pre-release.
Wait … so what exactly is this “NIGHTFALL” you speak of?
Built from the raw recordings of Sunset Strings, NIGHTFALL shares its high quality, organic, and cinematic sound qualities, then takes it to whole new levels.  From heightened “prettiness” to absolute mangling.  I’m really proud of this one.

Nightfall is an intense collection of unique sustains, drones, textures, shorts, soundscapes, sound design effects, repetitions, pulses and loops –
All combined with our flexible 2-layer blending system –
Plus (brand new!) a mod-wheel controlled effects system that takes this to a whole new level.

Nightfall runs in the free Kontakt Player, and has all the NKS bells and whistles (so it’s accessible through an NKS keyboard).  So we’re sticking with the $129 intro price.  ($99 if you already own.  Details on the Nightfall page.)

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