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New Update To Playfair Audio’s Dynamic Grading Plug-in



Dynamic Grading 1.2 provides a new paradigm for handling and designing the dynamic behavior of audio signals.

Dynamic Grading 1.2’s Augmented Intelligence approach enables advanced dynamic shaping with ease, much of which is hardly possible with traditional dynamic processors.

Dynamic Grading’s unique dynamic histograms provide precise insights into the dynamic range, making it easy to identify how the punch, body, and floor of audio tracks work together. Sophisticated dynamic sculpting is as easy as grabbing some graphical handles to squeeze or stretch different parts of the dynamic range. For example, a full-sounding drum kit with a precisely seasoned room sound and punchy transients is just a few clicks away.

The update of Dynamic Grading is available for free from the Playfair Audio Website for license owners. During November 2022 Dynamic Grading is available for just Euro 99,- instead of Euro 149,-. A 14-day free trial is also available.

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