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New “Supermodal” Modal Filter Plug-In From Polyverse



Developer Polyverse to Release Public Beta of Brand New ‘Supermodal’ Modal Filter Plug-In, Inviting User Engagement and Feedback.

Polyverse, a plug-in developer, has announced a public beta of its latest plug-in, Supermodal. Supermodal is a powerful modal filter that uses hundreds of narrow filter bands working in concert to emulate the resonating qualities of acoustic bodies, both real and imagined. Working in parallel with a zero-feedback state variable filter, Supermodal allows users to shape their audio into a host of attention-grabbing sounds that are at once exciting, unfamiliar, and eminently usable.

At the heart of Supermodal are two powerful filter sections working in tandem. On the left of Supermodal’s interface users will find the Classic Filter, a zero-feedback state variable filter that can morph smoothly between lowpass, bandpass, and hipass filter modes with its ‘Type’ control. It features a fixed slope of 24 db per octave, evoking many well-known analog filters, and is capable of both sweet and chunky filter sounds with the help of a built-in saturation algorithm and input and output controls that allow users to drive it for a fat, musical sound.

Supermodal’s versatile user interface exemplifies this ethos with its intuitive and futuristic look. Its trackball-like ‘Modal XY’ control enables users to click, drag, and morph between filter models and variants seamlessly on the fly. Morphing between variants allows users to play Supermodal like an instrument, creating dynamic filtering effects. These transformations can also be automated, modulated, and tweaked via the ‘Model’ and ‘Xform’ sliders for additional precision.

Supermodal features a powerful modulation section sure to be familiar to users of Polyverse’s Manipulator plug-in, featuring four separate modulation slots, each assignable to one of Supermodal’s six modulation sources. These include an Envelope Follower, ADSR envelope, Midi/CV input, Sequencer, Random Generator, and Meta Knob, which can act as a macro for multi-parameter control. Nearly every parameter in Supermodal can be modulated, and the plug-in’s modulation generators can even create cross-modulation by modulating each other for more complex effects. Modulation ranges–easily adjusted with Supermodal’s colorful sliders–can be set to positive or negative values, and each modulation source is switchable between mono and stereo, allowing for ear-catching spatial filter effects.

The plug-in will be available during the public beta window for a reduced price of $49 with a free upgrade to the final release, which will be priced at $99 and is expected later this year.

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