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New Eurorack Audio Color Processor, Hue



Modbap Modular debuts a colorful Eurorack audio color processor at Brooklyn SYNTH+PEDAL EXPO with HUE.

The fourth entry in its Eurorack product lineup as a three-channel DIGITAL DRUM SYNTH ARRAY, Eurorack modular synthesis and electronic musical instrument manufacturer Modbap Modular debuts HUE as its latest Eurorack entry — this time being billed as an Audio Color Processor, packing a chain of five effects (each imparting a particular coloration, tone, distortion, and/or texture to the source audio) into a 6HP-width module, making drums bang with more magnitude and melodies morph into lush lo-fi tones — at Brooklyn SYNTH+PEDAL EXPO, a free-to-the-public pop-up event of synths and guitar effect pedals, at 718 Studios, Brooklyn, NYC, USA.

HUE’s goal is to simply color its user’s sound — hence highlighting that the aim of its name is true, thanks to the COLOR PROCESSOR wording written across the top of its slimline front panel. Its initial concept was born out of a debate about the techniques and processes used to make drum machines sound so big, bold, and delicious. It is worth bearing in mind here, then, that the sounds that tug at the heartstrings of boom-bap, lo-fi, and, subsequently, Modbap — meaning the fusion of modular synthesis and boom-bap (or, indeed, any form of hip-hop) — are those demonstrating great texture, lush degradation, soft distortion, and big bold strokes of color.

Expected to ship in late-October 2022, HUE is available to preorder at an MSRP of $299.00 USD via San Clemente, CA, USA-based distributor Electro Distro’s network of dealers — including Sweetwater, the USA’s number one eCommerce provider of music instruments and pro audio gear — or directly via its dedicated webpage (which includes more in-depth information) HERE:

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