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Impact Soundworks Rosette Fingerstyle Sampled Acoustic Guitar Instrument



This is the acoustic version of their Shreddage electric guitar instrument

The original Shreddage from years ago still stands up, and they’re now on Shreddage III. This is a really good-sounding acoustic guitar for Native Instruments’ Kontakt sampler (or the free player version).

Here’s the company release:

FULTON, MD – Impact Soundworks, creators of the well-known Shreddage 3 series of virtual electric guitars, has expanded into virtual acoustic guitars with the release of Rosette Fingerstyle, a new sample library capturing the unique fingerstyle playing technique and built on the recently updated Shreddage 3.5 engine.

To create Rosette Fingerstyle, the developers painstakingly sampled a steel-stringed Taylor 414ce acoustic guitar, taking care to capture the natural beauty of the instrument and the distinctive sound of every fret, every string, and every finger across five dynamics and 10 round robins. The end result offers nearly infinite variations to deliver the expressiveness of a live professional guitarist. Users can choose between the provided KM184 stereo pair and U87 microphones, as well as the guitar’s direct input (DI) signal.

Impact Soundworks has been developing virtual guitars for over a decade, and that experience has shaped the development of the Shreddage 3.5 engine. Existing Shreddage users should find the workflow in Rosette familiar, with expanded features. Users can choose their preferred fretting position and style, picking style, legato and non-legato playing, and string forcing, or allow the default algorithms to provide realistic and varied fret movement of the virtual hand. Rosette Fingerstyle also includes a full range of articulations, customizable keyswitch mapping and strumming, and a range of ready-to-go acoustic presets to fit many different genres.

“People will really hear the passion that went into this instrument as they play,” said CEO Andrew Aversa. “We spent nearly three years in R&D, recording, editing, and development to deliver a superb acoustic guitar sound, and I think we’ve succeeded.”

This launch is part of Impact Soundworks’ Summer Guitar Fest 2022, a celebration of guitar-related releases that has been extended into the latter half of the year.

Rosette Fingerstyle is available for a special introductory price of $149 (MSRP $179) at the Impact Soundworks store. Crossgrades are available for some customers.

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