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Yosh’s Drum Warehouse Volume 2



It’s bigger and badder than Volume 1, and we like what we hear

Stand on any street corner, and someone is guaranteed to say “You can never have too many [insert any instrument] sample libraries.”

Difficult as it is to avoid verbal violence when you hear that, it’s actually true in the case of drum libraries. The drum sound can make or break a song, and the next best thing to being in the booth working on the drum sound is having a good selection of libraries.

And this one sounds very good. One of my (NB’s) favorite things about it is that it’s just pure, meticulously recorded, well-tuned drums – no MIDI loops, just real sampled instruments for real men and women to play in our DAWs.

Yosh also included one-shot samples you can use to replace or augment the live drums on your tracks. Here’s the release:

Franklin, Tennessee, September 19, 2022 — Seven-time GRAMMY® Award-winning engineer, producer and mixer John “Yosh” Jaszcz has introduced Volume 2 of his popular drum sample library, Yosh’s Drum Warehouse. The expansive collection features more than 2,000 new multi-sampled, multi-velocity drum hits recorded with three different kits and over a dozen snare drums to fit the groove of a wide range of music genres.  

Many of today’s younger engineers think of sampling and fattening up recorded drums as something that’s just been possible fairly recently, but Yosh and like-minded engineers have been sampling and triggering since the mid-1980s, layering samples with the recorded tracks to make the drum hits a little fatter and subtly punch through in the mix. In those early years, it was complicated, cumbersome and tedious to get samples lined up with a track. But nowadays, it’s infinitely easier to get amazing results fast. 

While Yosh had collected a multitude of samples over the years, with the advantages now offered by DAWs and other modern tools like the Steven Slate Drums Trigger 2, he longed for a well-recorded, broader-ranged, round-robin triggered, multi-sampled drum library, and he knew that other engineers and musicians could also benefit from such a resource. That was the motivation for Yosh’s Drum Warehouse Volume 1. Response has been overwhelmingly positive, and users wanted even more options. So now there’s a bigger and badder Volume 2 that can be used independently of Volume 1 or to complement it. 

The Volume 2 library features 24-bit, 48 kHz WAV files suitable for use in any DAW or sampler. Like Volume 1, Volume 2 saw Yosh and his collaborator (producer and engineer John Mike) choosing an environment where they’d captured great drum tracks in the past: engineer Randy Poole’s studio, The Poole Room, in Franklin, Tennessee. They also chose a phenomenal session drummer, Kevin Kelley, for the recordings. Equal care went into assembling the actual drums to capture. The samples were produced using three drum sets: a new DW Collector’s Series®, a new Pearl Reference Pure and a vintage 1974 birch Ludwig kit. The library includes three sets of kick drum samples; three different sets of tom samples, featuring 8-, 10-, 12-, 14- and 16-inch toms (a spectrum of options missing from most sample libraries); and 13 different snare drum sample sets, recorded using snare models from manufacturers such as DW, Taye, Noble & Cooley, Yamaha, Tama and Pearl; as well as hi-hats, cymbals and more. Users of Slate’s Trigger 2 will appreciate the multi-sampled files in Yosh’s Drum Warehouse collections – by way of round-robin triggering, the same sample never plays twice consecutively, resulting in natural sounding drum tracks with a live player feel. Further, Yosh has created a large menu of Trigger presets to get users started – an essential tool that serves as a time-saver when trying to achieve clean drum mixes.  

The new Volume 2 sample library joins the successful and lauded Yosh’s Drum Warehouse Volume 1. Vol. 1 offers more than 600 samples (24-bit, 48 kHz WAV files) recorded using two full drum kits and nine different snare drums. Like Vol. 2, the Vol. 1 library includes multi-sampled, multi-velocity samples compatible with Slate’s Trigger 2.  

Yosh’s Drum Warehouse Vol. 2 is available now for an introductory price of $79.99 U.S. MAP ($99.99 regular price). Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 are also available together as a bundle. Combined, the bundle offers more than 3,000 samples, five full drum kits and 22 different snares — for $149. 

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