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New Vocal Plug-in, TrapTune



United Plugins puts perfect vocal tracks within easy reach with TrapTune – automatic tuner with unique character suited to trap music.

As anyone working in modern-day music production will likely testify, a perfect vocal track is the key element of almost every song — which is where SounDevice Digital’s TrapTune comes into play as the perfect fit for the trap sub-genre of hip-hop or, indeed, any scenario where hard-tuning is needed. Needless to say, TrapTune could conceivably be the only tool needed to achieve that perfect vocal track. That said, TrapTune is not just an automatic tuner with a unique character — albeit one that can capably deliver everything from subtle pitch correction to the likes of an artificial ‘Cher effect’ (exemplified by the American singer/actress’ global chart-topper ‘I Believe’ back in 1998 on account of its pioneering use of software audio processing), but can be combined with a second voice harmony, doubler, and special effects section to creatively craft a vocal track that really stands out from the sound of the (plug-in) crowd.

TrapTune is especially well suited to genres where hard-tuning is required — think trap, hip-hop, EDM (Electronic Dance Music), R&B, contemporary pop, and more, but, of course, creativity should know no bounds. After all, any genre can conceivably benefit from TrapTune’s unique character.

TrapTune is available to purchase for a time-limited introductory promo price of only €19.00 EUR until September 30, 2022 — rising thereafter to its regular price of €79.00 EUR — as an AAX-, AU-, VST-, and VST3-compatible plug-in (using internal 64-bit audio processing capable of handling any sample rate) directly from its dedicated webpage (, where a 15-day, fully-functional trial version for macOS 10.10 and newer and Windows 8/10 can also be downloaded for free.

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