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Heavyocity Releases Vocalise 3



The company’s description: “emotive exploration that unearths the beauty, intimacy, and profound power of the human voice”

Heavyocity’s first library, Evolve, came out over 15 years ago. It was great for putting together high-impact scoring or promo cues with processed/effected sounds in no time flat – you just held down a couple or few notes to layer loops or arpeggiated patterns.

The company now has over 50 libraries in different categories, and Vocalise 3 is their latest. Here’s the releaseL

Heavyocity Media announces the release of Vocalise 3, a richly evocative, atmospheric, and soul-stirring vocal experience. Building on the inspiring content from its award-winning predecessors, Vocalise and Vocalise 2, Vocalise 3 is an emotive exploration that unearths the beauty, intimacy, and profound power of the human voice ― making it our most complete and cutting-edge vocal library to date. 

Featuring 7GB of ethereal vocal content, Vocalise 3 unveils the deeply expressive nature of cinematic vocals ― from organic phrases to abstract whispers to haunting soundscapes ━ these are delicate hybrid vocals that flow beyond emotion.

“Vocalise and Vocalise 2 have been the vocal staples in our GRAVITY line of instruments,” said Dave Fraser, Co-Founder, Heavyocity. “We’ve taken what we’ve done previously and pushed it further, offering new material that delves into the intimate side of the human voice creating a new, compelling vocal benchmark.”

Vocalise 3 is the latest addition to Heavyocity’s award-winning GRAVITY Packs line of virtual instruments. Recorded at Heavyocity’s studio in NY, the renowned Heavyocity sound design team has taken the unique source material and processed it to build an inspiring instrument that expands in both scope and scale ― pushing the boundaries of cinematic vocal production into an entirely new realm. This all-new instrument allows for a plethora of inspiring combinations that suit any style. 

As a “powered-by-Kontakt” instrument Vocalise 3 offers all playback and sound-shaping functionality through the full version of Kontakt 6 or the free Kontakt 6 Player. GRAVITY Packs offer a diverse array of independent expansion libraries housed in Heavyocity’s critically-acclaimed GRAVITY: Modern Scoring Tools engine. Use of these packs do NOT require the purchase of GRAVITY: Modern Scoring Tools.

Price: $119 ($99 through 8/22/22)

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