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Applied Acoustics Systems Releases Love Lost Sound Pack for the Strum GS-2 and AAS Player Plug-ins



Applied Acoustics Systems releases the Love Lost sound pack for the Strum GS-2 and AAS Player plug-ins in collaboration with resident sound designer Niall McCallum.

With Love Lost, AAS resident sound designer Niall McCallum places the pedalboard at center-stage to infuse emotion and tension into Strum GS-2, throwing up a panoply of effects configurations and permutations for your dreamiest or darkest sonic experimentations.

Love Lost represents a diverse journey through the complete landscape of Strum’s powerful onboard effects units highlighting the psychedelic modulations found in Dream Pop and Shoegaze, the cavernous reverb and delays of Ambient music, and the all-out fuzz of Drone/Sludge Metal.

Dive into this collection featuring 12 styles, 84 presets, and 84 strumming patterns to discover fraying phasers, funky flangers, crooning chorus, rippling reverb, delirious delay, and demented distortion. Love Lost is your own private arsenal of stacked FX boxes dialed up to 11 for maximum flavour and style.

Product Details

The Love Lost sound pack is available now as an instant download delivery package. Love Lost works with both the Strum GS-2 plug-in (sold separately) and the included AAS Player plug-in.

AAS Love Lost—Niall McCallum sound pack for Strum GS-2 and AAS Player

AAS plug-ins run on both Windows and Mac OS and support the VST, Audio Units, AAX Native, RTAS, and NKS plug-in formats.

50% Off Summer Sale

Get 50% off on Love Lost, Strum GS-2 products as well as all orders from AAS’ web store until August 29, 2022. Visit the AAS Summer Sale promotion page here to get all the details.

-The Love Lost sound pack US$19. 
-The Strum GS-2 plug-in US$99.
-The Strum GS-2 +PACKS bundle US$149.
-The Strum GS-2 Upgrade for Strum GS-1 users US$39.
-The Strum GS-2 Upgrade for Strum Session users US$49.
-All Strum GS-2 sound packs US$19 each

Strum GS-2 +PACKS bundles the Strum GS-2 plug-in, the new Love Lost sound pack, and 11 additional sound packs. 

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