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New Collaboration From J. Peter Schwalm and Stephan Thelen, “Transneptunian Planets”



Transneptunian Planets further evolves the already innovative body of work that both Schwalm and Thelen have created for the RareNoise label.

Transneptunian Planets was built on a back and forth communication between the two composers, with each given complete freedom to build on, transform or mutate the other’s contribution. The music is also enriched by contributions from Norwegian guitarist Eivind Aarset and British bassist Tim Harries, both regular collaborators of Schwalm’s, and Swiss drummer Manuel Pasquinelli, Thelen’s bandmate in Sonar.

J. Peter Schwalm – synths, voice, live treatments, electronic percussion & programming

Stephan Thelen – guitars, keyboards, granular synth & programming

Eivind Aarset – guitars, e-bow, effects

Tim Harries – bass guitar

Manuel Pasquinelli – drums, percussion

Nell Catchpole – voice samples on “Sedna”

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