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Art Vista Intonator Orchestra Intonation System Works Intelligently in Real Time



Follow the melody – dynamic intonation is very different from a pitch corrector like Auto-Tune or Melodyne

Art Vista has been releasing unique, wonderfully recorded sample libraries that just ooze personality for over two decades. Their latest project, scheduled for release this autumn, is a departure from sample libraries – yet it also puts human character front and center.

When it comes to intonation in acoustic and/or electric ensembles, good musicians don’t really consult Pythagoras. Yet it’s not random, it’s based on the context.

Intonator promises to bring that to electronic instruments and samplers. Who says innovation is dead?

Here’s their release:

Art Vista today announced the Art Vista Orchestra Intonation System – a tuning software that brings the emotional quality of a real orchestral performance into the world of MIDI generated music.

While MIDI orchestras, frequently used in film, television and popular music recordings, today are able to realistically mimic legato and other instrumental characteristics, they are still locked into the equal-tempered tuning used in pianos and keyboards, which is unnatural in a real orchestra performance and lacks the emotional quality found in live orchestra recordings.

Music performances by live orchestras, folk music, and traditional country music, for example, share an emotional quality because of consonance in intervals and chords and because of melodic intonation, emphasizing directionality in the melody line.

The Art Vista Orchestra Intonation System works in real-time and tunes each instrument in relation to the musical context and to the intonation of the other instruments in the orchestra. The system emulates the intonation practices by a live orchestra’s instrumentalists and switches automatically between melodic and harmonic (consonant) intonation.

Art Vista Orchestra Intonation System features its patented ARPI (Automatic Real-Time Performance Intonation) technology.

“For me, true orchestral intonation has always been the ‘Holy Grail’ to achieve in MIDI recordings. We have been working on this issue for some time, and bringing the full potential emotion to MIDI orchestra recordings is a dream come true for me.” – Hans Adamson, founder of Art Vista.

The planned release of Art Vista Orchestra Intonation System is September 2022.

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