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Rob Papen’s RP-Distort 2 Distorts in 52 Different Ways



His updated distortion module brings new features, a new look, and new models

The successor to RP-Distort 2 maintains the original’s core, including the Disrupt sphere. That controls several modulation parameters at once, and now it can be placed under control of and Audio Follower.

It also has 52 different distortion types. We’ll let them talk you through it:

“The DISTORTION module remains at RP-Distort 2’s heart, but now boasts no fewer than 52 Distortion types, including Lo-Fi2 Band Distortion; Amp/Cab models, and much more. Moreover, it has been expanded with a four-band PRE-DISTORT EQ and a four-band POST-DISTORT EQ with variable frequency and bandwidth control, both of which can be operated graphically or, alternatively, with knobs (by activating the original RP DISTORT 1 EQ setting), and is rounded out with a noise GATE. Another addition well worth noting here are the double WAVE SHAPER editors — having first selected Dual Wave-Shaper as a WaveShaper distortion type — to create custom distortions.

“An analogue-modelled ‘Filter’ module — expanded to include ZDF (zero-latency) options for its HI-PASS FILTER and LOWPASS FILTER — sits alongside a COMPRESSOR module, now with a dB (logarithmic) mode and a LIN (linear) mode, while the original WIDEN module has also been expanded to include a CHORUS mode. It is now possible to rearrange the order of these modules in the PATH section; once selected, the audio signal path order is instantly visualised in the new user interface.

“Meanwhile, modulating various parameters has been taken to a new level with the MOD MATRIX & LFO section, allowing users to choose from a regular (MOD MATRIX) or ADVANCED MODE modulation matrix, complete with four LFOs (Low Frequency Oscillators) — LFO 1 through to — that can be tempo- based and triggered in various ways.

What’s more, RP-Distort 2’s easy-to-use MANAGER makes light work of organising presets and BANK FOLDERS.”

Price: €49.00 EUR/$49.00

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