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Introducing Polaris, Orchestra Imitating Classic Synth Sounds From BT



Spitfire introduces POLARIS – a modern string orchestra imitating classic synth sounds from the mind of GRAMMY-nominated American electronic music composer Brian Transeau (a.k.a. BT).

Producing POLARIS involved arranging and recording string techniques as organic textures in a configuration complementary to synth sounds, with basses, cello, and viola in the middle, while spreading violins wide left and right, which achieves a unique tonality that is hard to come by in other high-quality string libraries. But BT being BT, it should come as little surprise to additionally learn that POLARIS puts a stunning array of classic late-Seventies- and early-Eighties-era-defining analog polysynths at any user’s fingertips thanks to the deep samples taken from the likes of Oberheim’s Matrix-12 and OB-Xa, Roland’s Jupiter-8, Sequential Circuits’ Prophet-5, and Prophet-T8, and Yamaha’s CS-80, all of which grace BT’s bountiful and beautiful studio setup for which he has worked so long and hard.

For more in-depth information, including audio demos, visit the dedicated POLARIS webpage.

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