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Best Service and Sonuscore ELYSION II – The Encounter Brings New Grit and Impact



The sequel to the original Elysion ambient synth library is both an expansion and an update

From Best Service and Sonuscore comes Elysion II: The Encounter. While this latest offering is being introduced as a sequel to last year’s Elysion I, it’s primarily an expansion and update.

Elysion II builds on the previous sounds by adding a new fiery user interface option, a vast selection of new presets and samples with a strong emphasis on more aggressive and action-focused sounds, and additional distortion and saturation FX processors. 

The new interface retains a lot of what worked in Elysion I while improving and adding new features such as the new preset browser.

The planetary theme remains. In addition to the Solar System from Elysion I, new star systems such as Orion, Sirius, Antares, and Sagittarius have been added – each of course with their own sonic characteristics.

In my Elysion I review from last year I wrote “while I understand that the primary goal of Elysion is the creation of floaty and subtle atmospherics, I found myself wishing for more grit and impact from its more aggressive instruments.”

It appears that Best Service and Sonuscore heard me loud and clear, and obliged with exactly what I felt was missing from Elysion I!

For brand new users, Elysion II now offers even more compelling value and versatility. For previous owners of Elysion I, the very affordable upgrade makes this a no-brainer purchase.

A feature summary:

• Works with the FREE KONTAKT PLAYER or KONTAKT Version 6.6.0 or higher

• macOS 10.13 or higher, Intel Core i5

• Windows 7 or higher, Intel Core i5

• 4GB RAM (6 GB recommended for large KONTAKT Instruments)

• At least 21.5GB of free hard disc space

Price: $249, $39 upgrade from Elysion 1

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