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Q Up Arts Re-Releases Heavy Hitters Great Hits Drums Library 



Tommy Lee, Alan White, and Jim Keltner, sampled by Reek Havok

That a 30-year-old sample library still stands up is a testament to how well sampling technology works for drums.

On its 30th anniversary, the library has now been imported for re-release into Native Instruments Kontakt sampler, since few people still have an Akai S1000, E-Mu Emulator III (let alone I or II), Roland S-770, or other hardware sampler from the day.

Tommy Lee was the drummer in Mötley Crüe, Alan White played with Yes (among many others), and Jim Keltner played with everyone – the Beatles, for example. 

It was recorded and programmed by Reek Havok. That’s actually his name, but rumor has it that it wasn’t the one his parents gave him.

Current price: $49

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