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New Metallury Plugins from Line 6



The new Metallurgy Collection of amp and effects plugins was created for guitarists wishing to quickly access contemporary versions of classic and modern metal tones.

The three Metallurgy Collection plugins feature amplifier and effects models drawn from the HX® family of products—ensuring outstanding sound quality and dynamic responsiveness. Each of the plugins features four amplifier types that may be paired with any of eight speaker cabinets. Two microphones may be selected from a virtual “mic locker” containing eight microphone types, and these may be combined with a stereo room mic array. Up to two third-party impulse responses (IRs) may be substituted for the factory mics. All of the microphones may be positioned in various ways and a 4-band parametric EQ allows you to sculpt the cabinet tone even further. Four pre-amplifier and three post-amplifier effects are also provided—including polyphonic pitch-shifting—as are a noise gate and a chromatic tuner.

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