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New Hapax Polychronic Performance Sequencer



Squarp Instruments introduces Hapax high-end professional standalone sequencer.

Billed by its creators as a polychronic performance sequencerHapax’s dual-processor architecture allows it to record and transform tremendous amounts of data quickly. As an around the clock performer, it can handle two separate and independent projects — each with 16 tracks and eight patterns per track — that can be played simultaneously, so users can compose or load another project while the first one is already playing, enabling endless sets and seamless transitions. Hapax is also the first hardware sequencer that fully supports MPE.

Hapax is available on backorder for expected delivery in June 2022 — priced at €864.00 EUR (plus VAT for individual customers in the European Union)/$979.00 USD — directly from Squarp Instruments’ online Store.

More info on the Hapax.

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