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Lekholm Instruments DM48X Digital Chromatic Harmonica is Back In Stock



Did you know that the world’s only MIDI harmonica controller was out of stock?

We received a release from Lekholm Instruments informing us that their DM48X Digital Chromatic Harmonica MIDI controller is back in stock. Not only that, but they’re expecting even more in two to four weeks.

They sold their first run of 15 instruments in a single day.

We’re big fans of the wind controllers around here, because wind control adds a whole new level of expressive human control over synths. Check out the product page if you’re interested in learning more about this one. There are plenty of video links, as well as detailed descriptions of the instrument. It appears to be very sophisticated.

And one of the best things is Lekholm’s hat-tip to Yamaha instruments from the ’80s (and later) with the DM48X logo!

The prices are around $1100.

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