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Soundiron Hyperion Strings Solo Violin Sample Library



It’s two different solo violins – first and second – so you can layer them or play duets

Soundiron’s solo violin library has both first and second violins. It includes Master, Phrase, and True Legato presets, and it’s designed to strike a balance between having lots of features and being usable by humans.

Master: different articulations with customizable real-time performance options, keyswitch and mapping options. Quoting: 

“These master presets allow you to blend and switch effortlessly between sustains, a variety of shorts, and naturally dynamic tempo-based expressions.”

The library includes a variety of sustains, with vibrato of different speeds and intensity, most recorded at loud and soft dynamics. Also included: sordino articulations,] with sustains, expressions, and shorts.

Those shorts include staccatos, spiccatos, pizzicatos, collé, col legno, and Bartok pizzicato, all with four round-robin variations to avoid the infamous machine gun horror.

The Expressions “allow real-time dynamically-aware release sample triggering, tempo-synching and time-stretching. We’ve included Crescendo, Decrescendo, Sforzando, and Swell articulations. When combined with the Offset and Attack controls, you can carve out just about any dynamic shape you could ever need.”

Soundiron also includes a “massive” collection of live phrases that will sync to the host DAW’s tempo. They make use of the free Native Instruments Kontakt Player’s phrase legato, step sequencer, speed control, and live waveform editing.

Price: $79

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