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It’s Free: Waves AI-Powered COSMOS Sample Finder



Filter and search all your one-shots and loops by instrument, BPM, key, and sound (brightness, saturation, and dynamics)

For the sample-minded among us, we present Waves’ release intact:

If you’re a musician or a producer, your sample collection is a creative treasure—but only if you can find the right sample when you need it, without searching for misplaced or misnamed samples in disorganized folders. Waves COSMOS solves this issue by bringing all the one-shots and loops on your hard drive into one easy-to-search place. It uses advanced Waves Neural Networks technology in order to analyze, auto-tag, and sort your entire collection of samples into one unified database where you can easily find everything. No matter where you placed your samples, or how the files are named – COSMOS will find them for you.

COSMOS allows you to see all your samples visually laid out in front of you, in three accessible views: Waveform, List, and Cosmos. You can filter and search all your one-shots and loops by instrument, BPM, key and even sonic characteristics such as brightness, saturation, and dynamics.  

Need to find a distorted kick? Just type “distorted” and “kick” in COSMOS, and all your distorted kicks will show up, no matter what the files are actually named. Need to find a bright, reverby drum loop in 120 BPM? Or a saturated synth sample in F#-minor with a cinematic feel? Just choose the appropriate tags, and COSMOS will deliver the samples you’re after, instantly.  You can easily listen to your samples from within COSMOS, with just one click. Then just drag-and-drop the sample you want straight into your sampler or DAW. COSMOS can open as a standalone app – or from within the new Waves CR8 Creative Sampler plugin, with which it integrates seamlessly for a super-fast and creative workflow. COSMOS also comes pre-packed with over 2500 royalty-free one-shots and loops.  COSMOS features:

  • Turns all your sample folders into one instantly searchable database
  • Analyzes and auto-tags all your one-shots & loops using AI  
  • Search all your samples by instrument, BPM, key, character & more
  • Three accessible browsing views: Waveform, List and Cosmos
  • Create sample collections and favorites for quick future use
  • Compatible with all WAV, AIF, OGG and FLAC files 
  • Use standalone or with the Waves CR8 Creative Sampler
  • Powered by Waves Neural Networks technology
  • Includes over 2500 free samples 

With Waves COSMOS, you can finally search your entire collection of samples faster and easier than ever – without ever again needing to waste precious time digging through multiple disorganized folders.   Waves COSMOS videos: NEW & FREE! Waves COSMOS AI-Powered Sample Finder: to Find Your Samples with Waves COSMOS:

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