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Audified MixChecker 1.2 Saves Having To Buy Over 60 Devices



Can we expect to see lots of speakers, boom boxes, etc. on the used market now?

Behind our shamelessly clickbaity headline: Audified’s MixChecker 1.2 is the latest version of their transducer-simulating plug-in. It simulates over 60 different devices, including their distortion (without turning up your speakers’ volume), and adds background noise (presumably so you can hear what your music is competing against).

From their release:

“…MixChecker 1.2’s redesigned and simplified UI speeds up workflow, but below the hood it drops the original’s simpler, less precise impulse response engine in favour of a more precise, technologically advanced processing engine adapted from MixChecker Pro that takes into account the non-linear behaviour of simulated devices using parallel warped filters, extended Weiner’s model calibration, and more extensive measurements. It includes improved simulations while also benefitting from lower latency and CPU (Central Processing Unit) consumption, with better and more stable performance as a result — not forgetting also adding Apple Silicon (M1) and Windows 11 support. Digging deeper, users can choose from 12 different consumer devices, Audified having made sure that the simulations represent the most accurate representation of each device concerned by spending weeks measuring their frequency responses and other behaviour in laboratory conditions to create accurate models that can be relied on. Of course, precise definition of devices and listening environments always afford users the best simulations with which to test their reference mixes in real time.

“Meanwhile, MixChecker Pro 1.2 also benefits from a redesigned and simplified UI to speed up workflow, with improved simulations of over 60 different devices, device distortion, and added background noise as the ultimate tool for checking reference mixes without resorting to extra exports.”

Prices: $79, Pro version $145

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