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DIY Monosynth Kits from Erica Synths and Moritz Klein Teach Circuit Design



Anyone want to learn how to design analog synths from scratch? No experience required!

If you see the brand name mki x es .EDU, that’s a co-developed series of educational DIY kits from Erica Synths and Moritz Klein. The goal of the Latvian companies is to teach novices how to design analog synth circuits. 

They’ve developed nine kits to create a full modular monosynth: a sequencer, VCO, wavefolder, noise/S&H module, mixer, VCF, envelope generator, dual VCA, a stereo output mixer with a headphone amp. A Eurorack case with a DIY power supply is forthcoming. These kits are easy to build, they say. 

The plan is to launch one new kit every month for six weeks. Each comes with a manual that explains both the electronics behind each circuit and principles of synthesis. These kits aren’t just meant to be assembled and used, they really want to lead you through the entire circuit design process so you understand every circuit decision and how it affects the module.

“The developers hope that the new mki x es .EDU project will inspire future engineers and will contribute to the ever growing diversity of electronic music technology,” it says in the press release.

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