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UDO Super 6 Desktop is Out



The analog-hybrid 12-voice synth is now available in a much more affordable keyboardless compact version

Remember the UDO Super 6?

Please click on that link (that is, this one) for the synth’s features, but the big news is that they now have a desktop version at a considerably lower price.

This one comes in an all-metal chassis, and there’s a 7U rack ear option. You can also use its pop-up feet. But perhaps most interestingly, since this is intended for a desktop (and who among us has a rack sitting on their desk?) it has a VESA mount.

What’s a VESA mount? It’s the standard for computer monitors and TVs, so you can attach the Super 6 to a… well, this appears to be a standard monitor arm using the 100mm hole pattern.

Makes sense, no?

As to the synth itself, well, let’s quote ourselves:

SUPER 6 – a new take on the traditional analog synthesizer as a 12 Voice Polyphonic Binaural Analog-Hybrid Synthesizer with Super-Wave Technology.

The UDO Audio SUPER 6 features FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) digital hardware oscillators coupled with analog filters and amplifiers.

Demo video here

Price:  £1,949.00 GBP (including VAT)/$2,399.00 USD/€2,249.00 EUR (inc. VAT)

Company site here

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