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New Waves Retro Fi and Lofi Space Plugins



Waves Retro Fi is the ultimate lofi for the FX chain and Lofi Space is a unique reverb and echo combo plugin.

Waves Retro Fi provides everything you need to produce authentic lofi textures, warm analog sounds, and mesmerizing nostalgic vibes, like vintage cassette tones and deep vinyl grooves. This plugin includes a massive palette of lofi noises, spaces, devices and textures. Retro Fi has what it takes to breathe life into the dullest synth line, drum break, vocal adlib or instrumental track.  Waves Retro Fi offers you four modules/sections that you can combine, each with its own flavors:

  • Device is a complete analog coloring and tonal shaping engine, armed with newly designed impulse responses, an era-specific Styler for 50s/60s/70s/80s retro tones, a squasher, a colorful compressor to add life to instruments or vocals, and more.
  • Space adds saturated echo and analog reverb (spring/plate) for colorful depth and bold spatial sounds.
  • Noise boasts a massive library of over 60 unique textures, including diverse cassette and vinyl noises among many other surprises. Its smart noise generation algorithm ensures that the textures you add are lively and ever-changing, never repeating themselves like a pre-recorded loop. 
  • Mechanics delivers the beautiful imperfections and mechanical wear & tear of old cassettes tapes and vinyl records. This section has two independent modulation engines, each with its own adjustable wow, wobble and speed.  

Retro Fi doesn’t just stack various random FX onto your tracks; it is designed to act and feel like a true, living, breathing analog device. The four sections are built serially, while also internally routed, so they act together like a singular unit. The result: better-matched sounds that feel organically glued, without the artificial feel you sometimes get when adding a digital lofi effect. Instantly vintage, timelessly classic – Retro Fi is the first choice for true analog lofi sound. Retro Fi Features: 

  • Everything you need to produce authentic vintage lofi sounds
  • Massive menu of lofi noises & textures
  • Diverse cassette & vinyl sounds 
  • Analog device impulse responses for versatile analog tones
  • Two independent Wow & Wobble engines 
  • Era-specific 50s/60s/70s/80s Styler
  • Lofi-flavored analog reverbs & echo
  • Squash control for upwards and downwards colorful compression
  • Smart noise generator for ever-changing textures that never sound like a pre-recorded loop
  • Master section with HP/LP filters and a Mono slimmer 
  • Carefully matched FX chain for organically “glued” analog character 

Waves’ recently released Lofi Space plugin is the perfect effect for those attention-grabbing ear candy moments. With bright saturated delay and two flavors of analog-based spring and plate reverb, Lofi Space lets you add splashes of vintage ‘verb color and bold analog echo to your tracks. With this plugin, you can create deep, gorgeous lofi-tinged effects instantly with no tweaking needed, suited for any production in need of that vintage touch.  

Waves Retro Fi and Lofi Space plugins are included in Waves’ MercurySD7 Pro Show and Pro Show bundles.

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