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Kugeyama Taikos Sample Library from Impact Soundworks



If you think taikos are just big things that go BOOM, here’s a library to disabuse you of that notion.

Look out!

Actually, the picture of Isaku Kageyama playing here belies the subtle nature of this new Taiko library from Impact Soundworks. It’s quite a departure from Impact Soundworks’ Shreddage series, the outstanding war guitar library that first put the company on the map over a decade ago. (That link is to the original Shreddage, but they now have several more instruments in the family, along with a greatly expanded catalog.)

You can hear how refined this library is in the demos, which are quite tranquil and not at all bombastic – although there’s no reason you couldn’t make it go BOOM. The library includes eight instruments, played by Kagayama:

  • Chudaiko: 18-inch mid-sized drum; crisp edge, rich resonant center
  • Odaiko: 32-inch large drum; deep, booming sound with a dry edge, rich central wash
  • Shime-Daiko: “Tightened” drum, higher register to soar over other percussion; 
  • Okedo (1.5 and 1.4): “Barrel” drum; heavy attack and clear definition
  • Atarigane (Lo and Hi): Played with a mallet; clear, metallic sound
  • Hyoshigi: Wood blocks; full, resonant sound

All the instruments are recorded solo and close in “an intimate studio space,” in much detail, from three mic positions. The library includes Impact Soundworks’ Console – a mixer and effects rack.

Kugeyama Taikos requires the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt.

Price: $79

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