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Accessing Authentic Jimi Hendrix Tones



Guitarists can now access authentic Jimi Hendrix™ tones along with an interactive experience featuring historic moments and gear, real time Auto Tone presets, and more.

Positive Grid announces Experience Jimi Hendrix™ Official Gear Collection for Spark and BIAS FX 2. Created in collaboration with Authentic Hendrix, LLC, this official, curated collection offers interactive access to the tones, historic gear, imagery and storied performance moments of the most celebrated guitar icon of all time.

The Positive Grid Spark guitar practice amp and BIAS FX 2 amp-and-effects software (desktop/mobile) have been enhanced and customized to deliver this new experience. Guitarists can now immerse themselves in the sounds, images and stories of Jimi Hendrix and feel the energy of his unique tone firsthand. Whether accessed by die-hard fans, new fans, or players whose own music is inspired by his unparalleled performances, the collection promises a synergistic event.

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