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Wide Blue Sound Offers Expansions for Elysium Synth: PANDORA and RHYTHMIC ELEMENT



The organic motion synth for Kontakt is supported with new soundware

Rather than using Elysium’s Phase Sequencer, PANDORA features playable instruments with custom sampled sound sources. It makes full use of the FX system and includes 62 instruments and a 14-patch bonus set called The Lost Patches.

On the other hand, RHYTHMIC ELEMENT does use Elysium’s Phase Sequencer, with step-based pitch, accent and Action. What is Action, you ask? Triple hits. tightening notes, and reverse/fade-in notes. It includes 88 presets in five categories: Deep Pulsars, Analog Drums, Pulses, Rhythm Suites, and Tickers. 

Introductory price until October 10: $29 each, after which they go up to $39. Elysium is on sale for $130 (regular price $200).

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