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Introducing Osiris – New Wavetable Oscillator for Eurorack



Osiris – new Eurorack wavetable oscillator from Modbap Modular by BeatPPL.

Modbap Modular by BeatPPL introduces Osiris — operating powerfully as a seven-plus TIMBRE MODE 12HP BI-FIDELITY™ WAVETABLE OSC (oscillator) module, neatly-packed with an independent sub-oscillator, LOFI processing, extensive CV (control voltage) modulation capabilities, a PITCH quantizer, four banks of 32 x 32 wavetables per bank, the ability to load user wavetables via Micro SD card and its own free open-source wavetable editor (OsirisEdit).

Featuring four banks of 32 wavetables — 128 wavetables in total, each of which has 32 waveforms at 256 samples per waveform while running at 96 kHz for high-quality sound output, Osiris is only just getting started since its added sub-oscillator includes a dedicated SUB V/OCT input, SUB MIX knob, and SUB mono output for further flexibility.

With its SUB WAVE knob, Osiris allows for the selection of said sub-oscillator’s waveform with Square, Sine, Triangle, -1, and -2 as available options. Digging deeper, Square, Sine, and Triangle are basic waves at a lower frequency than the main oscillator so all add weight, while -1 and -2 respectively represent a copy of the wavetable at one or two octaves below the main octave.

Osiris helpfully comes complete with OsirisEdit, a software editor designed to assist users with creating their own wavetables. It is based on Wave Edit, an Open Source wavetable editor, enabling a dedicated wavetable editor that is modified to produce wavetable banks that are compatible with Modbap Modular by BeatPPL’s Osiris, truly a sensational-sounding BI-FIDELITY™ WAVETABLE OSC module for Eurorack.

Set for release on September 24, 2021, Osiris is available to preorder directly from Modbap Modular by BeatPPL for $359.00 USD via its dedicated webpage HERE:

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