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Groovy! Cherry Audio Just Released a Late-‘70s Roland Jupiter-4 Plug-in



Equally bitchin’: it includes a modeled Roland Space Echo tape delay.

Cherry Audio describes their latest modeled classic synth thusly: 

“Mercury-4 is a detailed emulation of one of the best-sounding and quirkiest polyphonic synthesizers of the late 1970’s, the Roland Jupiter-4. It’s the rarest and most sonically unique of the fabled Jupiter series, and we’ve gone to great lengths to recreate the subtle (and not-so-subtle) nuance and character of this beloved classic. Every aspect of Mercury-4 has been expertly modeled upon a vintage Jupiter-4 originally owned by Greg Hawkes of the legendary 80’s new wave band The Cars.”

They go on to explain that their version expands the polyphony to 16 voices (from four on the original), the patch storage to as many as you have storage for (also vs. four on the original). The instrument is also velocity-sensitive, it supports MIDI Polyphonic Expression, and – okay, now this is cool – a model of the Roland Space Echo tape delay.

Mercury-4 features:

• Authentically modeled oscillator with sub oscillator
• All filter characteristics modeled, including powerful low-frequency resonance
• Up to 16-voice polyphony
• Over 400 presets, programmed by industry veterans
• Exactingly replicated unique arpeggio section w/tempo sync
• Carefully modeled wide-range LFO modulation with “inverted” mod characteristics
• Drift control for increased analog realism
• Precisely replicated stereo ensemble effect
• Warm and organic tape echo with multiple reverb modes
• Tempo-syncable LFO
• Detunable unison mode
• Single-key chord memory mode
• Highly optimized coding for high performance with ultra-low CPU load
• User-adjustable oversampling control
• Advanced one-click UI magnification
• Comprehensive MPE support
• Full MIDI control and DAW automation for all controls

Price: $39

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