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Orchestral Tools Miroire – 18th Century Strings, Winds, Brass, and Choir



This authentic baroque instrument sample library was even recorded at A4=415 and pitched back up

Orchestral Tools’ latest is intended to be used for period dramas, fantasy-themed programs, games… and of course anything else you come up with. For those not up on the latest baroque music trends, the instruments were tuned lower and had a richer, darker sound than we’re used to hearing.

So the violins and violas in Miroire have gut strings, and the specialist players used period bows (presumably held authentically – “choked up,” i.e. not next to the frog). The wind instruments in this library include baroque flute and obue, oboe d’amore, oboe de caccia.

Similarly, the trumpets and horns have no valves and are restricted to the notes in the harmonic series that these instruments could play.

Finally, there’s a basso continuo section consisting of double bass, two cellos, and a bassoon in unison.

The early music choir sings vowels from period church music, with less vibrato than a modern choir would have. It has separate male and female sections, and includes “colatura legato” – legato suitable for baroque ornaments.

The library was recored in the Teldex Studio in Berlin, as are the other Orchestra Tools libraries.

Price: €249 (pre-release price, excluding VAT), €299 after its September 2 release. Add about $50 to those numbers for USD prices.

Orchestral Tools Miroire site here

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