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Introducing Novation Circuit Rhythm



Introducing Novation Circuit Rhythm

Introducing Novation Circuit Rhythm

Sample, make beats, and perform like never before, with Novation Circuit Rhythm, the latest addition to the Circuit family.

The wait is finally over. The next addition to our Novation Circuit family is here to bring new life to beatmaking and turn samples into stellar tracks. With eight sample tracks, built-in recording, performance effects, on-the-go capabilities, and more, Circuit Rhythm is the beatmaker’s best friend.

Introducing Novation Circuit Rhythm

In a brand-new direction for Novation, Circuit Rhythm puts sampling in the spotlight and provides a whole host of fresh features aimed to take beat-making to new heights.

Sampling is at the heart of Circuit Rhythm. Record straight into Circuit Rhythm through the audio inputs, and instantly capture sound from records, synths, or even a phone. Designed with a focus on immediate sampling and artistic expression, users can capture creative ideas quickly and stay inspired.

With a lightning-fast sequencer, beatmakers can start turning those samples into killer beats with ease. Whether playing in drums, making basslines, or chopping straight from vinyl, music-makers can play back samples however they want and listen through stereo out or with headphones. Re-sample and sculpt sounds with limitless creative possibilities.

Circuit Rhythm’s eight sample tracks, each with their own 32-step patterns chainable for 256 steps per track, gives creators sample space to find their groove and craft killer tracks, all with an intuitive screenless workflow, common to all Circuit products. Stay quantised or give beats real human feel and go off-grid and record to micro-steps. Keep beats interesting with probability and pattern mutate.

Performers can take to the stage with Circuit Rhythm and bring vibrant performance-focused Grid FX to their beats. Give samples character with beat repeat, vinyl simulation, and many more effects to really create a massive sound.

Circuit Rhythm is well-equipped to handle any scenario and is brilliant for making dope beats in the studio or used to capture creative ideas for beatmakers on the move. Make Circuit Rhythm part of a studio set up with full-size five-pin MIDI in, out, and thru, and analogue sync out, and monitoring through audio or headphone outputs.

Circuit Rhythm is completely portable. With a compact and tough build, built-in rechargeable battery, and microSD card slot for expandable storage or loading in samples and projects, music makers never have to stop creating with Circuit Rhythm.

With Novation’s online companion Components, Circuit Rhythm’s creative potential expands even further. Users can dive into Circuit Rhythm using the browser-based or standalone desktop app, and load samples, backup projects, download artist-made soundpacks, and create custom patches so that creators can give their music production their unique flavour.

For more information, visit the Circuit Rhythm product page, and see the groovebox in action at

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